4.1 Late Fall Update


What’s Been Added / Changed / Removed:

  • Added: An @LFG addendum to #information (04/29/20)
  • Added: #selfies channel (06/16/20)
  • Added: #escape-from-tarkov channel and @Escape From Tarkov role (06/25/20)
  • Added: #dead-by-daylight channel and @Dead By Daylight role (06/25/20)
  • Added: A political discussions addendum to #rules (06/19/20)
  • Added: A new #self_assign_roles channel, with embeds! (07/10/20)
  • Changed: #cod_warzone to #cod_modern-warfare (05/04/20)
  • Changed: @Legendary Member has access to VC Channel 3 & 4 now (06/23/20)
  • Changed: Description in #miscellaneous so that Twitch / YouTube personal postings are no longer allowed. (07/04/20)
  • Changed: #server_helper_room to #server_helpers (07/07/20)
  • Changed: #uncensored has been renamed to #nsfw-chat and has various restrictions to follow Discord ToS for Partners (07/08/20)
  • Changed: #dlonems_graveyard has been moved to the Arbitrary category. (10/23/20)
  • Removed: #welcome channel, made it announce welcomes from discord in #general (07/07/20)
  • Removed: #dlonems_harem no longer exists… or does it? (07/23/20)
  • Removed: #growth_tracker bot has been dead for many months and removed from this server. (07/23/20)
  • Removed: #economy_audit_log don’t have a use for it anymore, bye! (07/23/20)
  • Removed: @Teacher, @Teacher’s Assistant, @Students have all been removed, along with #teacher_lounge, Altarac’s Streaming Channel and Dlonem’s Streaming Channel. (10/23/20)
  • Removed: @Rapthera role has been deleted. (10/23/20)
  • Removed: #dota_organizers was removed. (10/23/20)
  • Removed: @Dota 2 Organizer role was removed. (10/23/20)


__**What’s Planned For The Future**__:
• Our Annual TGC Christmas Giveaway will be taking a twist this year! We’ll be conducting it through Gleam.io as a way to give back to the community AND recruit new members to our community. Dlonem will give more details around Thanksgiving, but essentially in order to enter the giveaway you must be in the discord. Which all of you already are! The more the giveaway gets shared, the more people it attracts, the more people it attracts the higher chance people are going to talk. We currently have an 8% new member retention for the week of Halloween, meaning that 8% of everyone who joined, came back to to talk a week later. If we get 1,000 people to enter the giveaway, that’s 80 new people that will be chatting. Sounds minimal, but if you add that to our current average of 72 Weekly Chatters… that’s gonna be huge.