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This server was started back in August of 2016 by a group of gamers – an online place where thousands of different people from around the world have joined, while gaining memorable users along the way and eventually finding a permanent server icon which would be a beacon to those searching for a place to game and socialize.

All of these events have been integral in forging this server into the adult and mature gaming community that has become today. Where we encourage those that are looking for a group of fun and welcoming people that like to play games, to explore what we have to offer in the server – enjoy sharing memes and helping the community become and stay an enjoyable place. Our server icon changes for major holidays, we have our own endorsed streamers, a plethora of bots to post statistics and keep up with the latest game updates alike.

Many users in this server love that we offer…

  • Seasonal Giveaways (Steam Cards, Server Merchandise, etc.)
  • Game Night & Movie Night Events
  • Assigning the Roles YOU Want
  • No Annoying @Everyone Tags, Unless There is a Free Game Involved
  • A Direct Feed from Reddit’s r/memes subreddit’s Hottest Posts to A Memes Channel