The rules and requirements of the server are simple and easy to follow.

You can find them all listed below.

Rule #1

Act appropriately.

Everyone likes to have fun, but sometimes things are just too immature for people. No one acting under the age of sixteen. Gauge the flow of the chat and go from there, if any problems arise, see rule #5. This applies to voice channels too.

Rule #2

Only post where content belongs.

Post content appropriate things in corresponding channels. For example, if you wanna talk about something random, put it in the miscellaneous channel, if you wanna play music on our music bot, keep the commands in music.

Rule #3

No advertising.

This includes, but is not limited to discord servers, accounts, game items and partnerships. DM soliciting without the consent of the user being DMd will result in an immediate ban. Streamer self promotion is allowed if posted infrequently in our #streams channel (Twitch & Youtube).

Rule #4

No overly explicit words or expressions are allowed in the general channels.

Some people are offended and some aren’t, but if someone doesn’t want to see a word, just don’t act like a dick over something you said. If you need a list of blocked words, ask Dlonem and one can be provided.

Rule #5

If you have a problem with anyone, be an adult.

Attempt to work it out with the other person. Should you need to involve any of the staff, please be prepared to provide proof of your efforts to communicate your issue with them and go from there. No harassment allowed.

Rule #6

Keep NSFW content in the proper channels.

This is anything that you wouldn’t want any family or co-workers to see, this includes intense memes. Keep anything like this in the nsfw, nsfw-memes , or uncensored channels.

Rule #7

Do not spam.

Spamming is an action of repeating messages alot, or posting things so quickly that it disrupts the chats. Do not spam emoji. Do not do this anywhere on the server, and includes jumping from channel to channel in a spam-like fashion. Changing your nickname excessively will result in warnings up to revoking of access.


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