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Our Staff

Our staff is filled with fun, interesting people! We’re always interested in ways to help make TGC better, so feel free to make suggestions!

We’re also interested in more event leaders, if you are interested in helping to do Movie Night, or lead other events, be sure to reach out!

Moderator Staff
Dlonem | TGC founder
Our fearless leader, genuinely cares about people and is a good guy, always happy to help others!
Koala | Moderator
hoopa doopa
JrJcb | Moderator
hoopa doopa
Grimlock | Moderator, Web Developer, Movie Nights
Pretty average guy overall, I work lots but like to kick back on the weekends. Very much into movies, as well as Medieval games, voxel games and similar.
King | Moderator
Hi, I’m King. I’m a ongoing high school student who streams and plays games. I enjoy to play many games, but my favorite game is Rainbow Six Siege. If you need me, feel free to ping me!
Event Staff
Neil | Co-Leader in Movie Night Events
Hey dudes, I’m Neil and I’m nice and funny but a bit weird at times, don’t forget to subscribe to pewdiepie