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Events & Community

The Game Center is dedicated to its members, focused on fun and interested in keeping things lively! A big part of keeping all of that going is our focus on Events & Community.. We’re often up to much more inside the discord than you see on the website, but here are some of our annual events and alike that are going on..

TGC Economy
Our flourishing economy system includes many features from working to gambling and the currency can be used in discord for special features!
TGC Pokemon
Catch and train up your own collection of Pokemon right here on the server, then battle them with other players or trade / sell them! Can you be the Pokemon Master?
Movie Night
Weekends are no longer a boring time, hang out in voice with others on our movie nights! Make new friends and enjoy time with our community!
TGC Streamers
TGC Official Streamers provide quality content and entertainment! Playing many popular games and having tons of fun that you can join in on!