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The Discord economy at The Game Center is flourishing wit things to buy, as well as ways to easily make money! The fact is that by simply typing in discord you earn cash on the servers economy system! From there you can make much more however, plus there are fun games you can play along the way!

Earn Cash
Earn money by using the !work command, by far the safest way to gather funds! Once done you have to wait 6 hours to use it again so be sure to !dep to deposit the money in your account. If you don’t deposit it – others could use !rob (username) to rob you!!
Hit the Casino
There’s a full casino running from Blackjack to Roulette and everything in the middle.. Even Russian Roulette… Can you master the casino bot and Get Rich?
Steal Cash
In addition to using the !rob command to rob other players of their cash, there is also !crime or !slut.. Robbing others as well as the last two commands COULD cost you money however!
Win Cash
Want to win cash the safe way? There’s that too now!
– Weekly 100-300 giveaway for leaderboard 2uesday!

Each week, on Tuesday night all of the members on !leaderboard 2 (second panel) win anywhere from 100-300 credits!

– Monthly 15,000 Most Active User giveaway!

Each month, Grim and Dlonem will review and the most active member from logs will win 15,000 cash! *Can only win once per six month time frame*
Buy Stuff
Use this cash for more than just bragging rights! Buy stuff in-Discord from special permissions, to abilities, to customizing your profile and more!