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Movie Night

The Discord community at The Game Center isn’t just about games, we’re also here to make friends and hang out! That’s why we have movie night starting up! Movie Night will be lead by official Movie Night Leaders who volunteer to help make TGC a better discord by leading the events.

How / Where / When?
How Event’s Work:

Events will be lead / moderated by that nights host(s).
Make sure you select the ‘Movie Buff’ role for voice access.
Where Are They:

We will only use for safety.
List of Events (CST Time):

– Saturday night 6:30 PM CST, Leader: Slicko Mode
Volunteer to Lead
If you ever wanted to be staff at TGC, this is a great way to get noticed! Be a Leader by helping run Movie Nights, speak with (DM, not in public, to avoid spamish stuff) Grimlock to hear more! Plus Movie Night leaders earn 500 Discord Cash for each event they run!